"Brahmachari Girish Ji Honoured at Dharma Sanskriti Mahakumbha 2016"
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Maharishi Ideal India Campaign

Maharishi Ideal India Campaign
We all know that a dream of all good citizens of any society and nation is to make their society and nation ideal. When we drive through highways, we see the sign "Ideal Village". If the village is really ideal or not, that's a different question. But at least good thought and resolution is there. We never have come across a sign "Ideal City". Why? May be it is too much to think that a city can be ideal. Did we ever think what we need to make our society, city, province, nation and our dear family of nations ideal? Perhaps not. Every one is busy in his/her own affairs. No time to think even of him/her self, what to think of others or of society. Great Saints, Rishies, Maharishies from different reli-gion, different cultures, different times have been thinking about this in great deal, were propagating this idea, bringing out theoretical knowledge and practical programmes to achieve the goal, but some how it did not appeal enough to citizens of respective time.
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